I wish I could take credit for making this fabulous dish, but I can’t. It came from the new shop in Oxford called Cook. Cook hand-makes a huge variety of food with real ingredients and then freezes them for home cooking. This was the first meal I have tried from them, and it didn’t disappoint at all. It tasted slightly saltier than i’m used to, but the levels of salt/sodium on the packaging were acceptable. I was really impressed with how the dish turned out – the fish was flaky and succulent, the vegetables crisp, and the pasta the right texture – how is that possible when they’re cooked all together in the oven? I’ll definitely be going back to try more dishes.

I wasn’t sure the meal for two would be enough for me and hubs, so I made a salad and served it with some sourdough bread. We each had a slice of bread to sop up the gorgeous sauce, but neither of us were hungry enough for the salad!

For more information about Cook, visit their website