The lovely ladies from Happy Cakes in Oxford (web clients of mine) hand delivered a box of banoffee cupcakes to me this week so that I could try this new flavour of theirs. Somehow I managed to hold off eating them all day until that evening – even though they were calling to me from across the room. I could swear I heard ‘eat me’ every few minutes.

They were definitely worth the wait! They tasted a bit like banana bread, with a little bit of a gooey centre, and a sweet toffee icing. The banana chip was crunchy and not overly sweet. I liked these cupcakes very much. I’d usually go for a chocolate, or more traditionally flavoured cupcake, but as these were brought to me I had to try them and i’m so glad I did. If I saw these in a shop, I’d probably feel less guilty about having one before lunch. Somehow I could justify them as a breakfast food since they’re made with real banana! And they tasted more like a muffin with icing than a cupcake. People eat muffins for breakfast, right?

The next day, my friend stopped by while out walking with her new baby. I served her one of the cupcakes and she loved them too. Well done Linda and Julia on another fabulous cupcake!

Banoffee Cupcakes

Banoffee Cupcakes by Happy Cakes in Oxford