I had so much fun baking holiday cookies with my 3 1/2 year old nephews today! It was super easy, thanks to Trader Joe’s Sugar Cookie Baking mix.

I prepared the dough earlier and put it in the refrigerater for a few hours so they wouldn’t get bored watching me make it. When we were ready, I rolled it out and let them cut the shapes with three different cutters.

cutting the shapes

The box said I’d get 24 cookies, but somehow I got 36 fluffy cookies! They cooled pretty quickly and the boys decorated them with the three colours of sugar plus some rainbow sprinkles we had on hand.


The cookies were delicious, and the coloured sugar was easy for the boys to decorate with.


Thanks Trader Joe’s! I hope to make this an annual tradition with the boys, and as they get older, add more interesting toppings to the cookies.

Finished product

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