Haddock in a White Wine Sauce with Sauteed Greens and Quinoa

Haddock in a White Wine Sauce with Sauteed Greens and Quinoa

For dinner last night I made a delicious, healthy, and very easy meal of pan-fried haddock in a white wine sauce with sauteed kale and broccoli and quinoa. As the meal was made during my non-dairy week, I omitted the butter in the white wine sauce and substituted it with a little bit of olive oil. I didn’t really notice too much difference in taste.

The fish and the greens were cooked as simply as possible – with a little bit of garlic and olive oil, salt and a squeeze of lemon. That’s all this dish needs to be delicious, in my opinion.

The quinoa was cooked according to the directions on the box, and I added some salt and toasted pine nuts (so good in quinoa) just as the kernels started to open and before I took it off the heat to absorb the remaining water.

The white wine sauce couldn’t be easier to make and is a great last minute sauce to any fish:
1. melt a tablespoon of butter in a saucepan (or a bit of olive oil)
2. add two teaspoons all-purpose flour and whisk for a minute
3. add a cup of white wine and whisk until the sauce thickens
4. remove from heat, season with salt and pepper, snip in some chives

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