Alton Brown's Baked Eggs

Alton Brown's Baked Eggs

I discovered an article on Pinterest which recommends baking eggs in the oven rather than boiling them. I had extra eggs in the fridge this weekend, and I couldn’t resist trying it.

All I can say is this is not a good method. I can’t think of any reason why I would ever do this again. Boiling eggs is not difficult, nor is it time consuming, and you are always guaranteed a good outcome. The 2 tricks to a good boiled egg, in my opinion, are 1 – to use room temperature eggs, and 2 – to run them under plenty of cold water or place them in an ice bath when done in order to maintain bright yellow yolks.

I’m glad I put a baking sheet under the eggs because one of the eight eggs I put in the oven did break and drop onto the pan. Several other shells cracked, but the eggs stayed put, thankfully.

The baked eggs were very hard to peel, even under water or even under running water. The eggs did NOT want to give up their shells, so in the end I was left with very ugly looking eggs with chunks missing all over them. The baked eggs were also strangely hard and chewy! They didn’t have that lovely soft, springy consistency of a boiled egg.

Baked and boiled eggs are not the same thing. I will not do this again.