Baked and Breaded Cod, Basmati Rice, Peas and Glazed Carrots”]Baked and Breaded Cod, Basmati Rice, Peas and Glazed CarrotsIt’s cold and rainy here in lovely England. After a beautiful weekend last weekend, the sweaters came back out of the closet, and I actually put on my boots again when I went out for a walk yesterday. Tragic. Along with the sweaters came the return of the need for warm comfort food, and to me, that can mean GRAVY. Break out the Bisto!

I didn’t have that long to make dinner as I had decided to go out to see a film after, so I put together this delicious dinner in 20 minutes flat (because that’s the baking time of the fish!).

I started with Sainsbury’s baked and breaded cod. Then I boiled some Green Giant peas (the ONLY brand of peas, in my opinion) for a few minutes. I removed the peas from the water with a slotted spoon so I could reuse the water for my carrots. I boiled some cut carrots for a few minutes, removing them before they got too soft. I then put the carrots in a skillet with a tsp of olive oil spread (like margarine) and cooked until they started to brown. I removed them from the heat and drizzled them with Agave Nectar. Finally, I microwaved a bag of Uncle Ben’s plain basmati rice. And of course, finished it all off with some hot, delicious Bisto gravy. YUM!

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