Linguinie with Clam Sauce

Linguinie with Clam Sauce

I absolutely love linguine with clam sauce (aka pasta alle vongole), but I don’t have it often because I don’t love restaurant versions, and the clams aren’t always easy to find. I prefer to use John West tinned clams, which aren’t sold in all supermarkets and so are hard to find. When I do find them, I’ve been known to buy up all the stock in one go. Restaurant versions of this dish are too fiddly, with the tiny clams served in the shells, and there aren’t usually very many of them. This is a recipe for a quick, easy, healthy dinner, that’s far better than any restaurant version.


In Oxford, I have occasionally found the John West clams at the large Tesco off the Cowley fly-over, near the BMW plant, and at Waitrose in Headington.

I forgot to take a photo of my meal, so I ‘borrowed’ this one from Ellie Bluebell’s House

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