Teri-Aki Restaurant, Cambridge

My second sushi experience in Cambridge was for lunch, at Teri-Aki at Quayside, overlooking the river Cam. At first I was afraid the restaurant would have jacked up tourist prices because of the location, but upon menu inspection, I decided it wasn’t much higher than other lunch places (if higher at all). The location is fantastic. I sat at the front of the restaurant, overlooking the river, but there’s also a very large back room with shared tables, like at Wagamama.

Hubs and I both decided to get the Salmon Bento Box, as it was very good value at £10 for salmon teriyaki, rice, salad, vegetables, and miso soup. There were two salmon fillets included, which was way too much food. One fillet would have been sufficient! Because I wanted something resembling sushi as well, I also ordered an eel roll (even though eel is cooked, I still consider it sushi). Again, waaay too much food, but I finished every last bite, because that’s how greedy I am.

The food at Teri-Aki is excellent. It’s also a lovely atmosphere. We were surrounded by Japanese diners, which always gives me the seal of approval. My only complaint about the experience is that I wasn’t offered a refill on my green tea. But then again, I didn’t ask for it either. I would go back to Teri-Aki in a heartbeat.

*another bonus – there’s a HUGE bowl of lollipops to choose from as you leave* 🙂

Teri Aki‎
6-8 Quayside
Cambridge, CB5 8AB
01223 323888