There’s no shortage of restaurants in St Ives, Cornwall, but when you’re with a couple of questionably behaved dogs on a weekend day in the heart of summer, it’s not always easy to pick the right place AND find a table. Walking along the harbour, we spotted Harbour Fish and Chips – a very simple but elegant restaurant which is not even close to your typical chippy. The menu is simple: pick your fish (Cod, Haddock, Sea Bass, Hake, Lemon Sole, Salmon, Mackerel fillets, Monkfish), choose whether you want it grilled or battered, and pick either salad or chips. There are other things to choose from (Homemade fishcakes, Crispy fried squid, Scampi & Chips, Battered scallops, Steamed mussels with crusty bread, Grilled sardines, Beer battered prawns, Chicken goujons, Cornish sausages) and an array of sides, but hubs and I were both in the mood for grilled fish. I left hubs to order while I grabbed a spot on a rock near the harbour and waited patiently. Hubs brought back two grilled cod, one with salad and one with chips (for us to share).

Grilled Fish and Salad from Harbour Fish and Chips in St Ives

Grilled Fish and Salad from Harbour Fish and Chips in St Ives

I was really hungry, which explains why I forgot to take the photo until I had already devoured half my meal. I was probably really annoying to eat with, because after every bite I would mmmmm and aaaahhhh, and say things like ‘if I could eat this every day I’d be a very happy person.’ It was amazing. The fish was light and flaky and a very satisfyingly large portion. The salad was fantastic – filled with cherry tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, and these incredible sweet potato crisps which gave it all fantastic texture. The fish with chips was also sprinkled with these crisps, which is really a great touch.

Aside from the delicious food, I was impressed by their packaging. The food was served in a recyclable container, with wood forks, in a paper bag. Well done, Harbour. I hope I have time to go there again before I leave Cornwall. It’s simply perfect.

Harbour Fish & Chips Gourmet Cafe & Takeaway
Wharf Road, Cornwall TR26 1LF

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