Brown Rice with Aubergine, Chickpeas, Green Beans, Spinach and Feta

Brown Rice with Aubergine, Chickpeas, Green Beans, Spinach and Feta

I made an extra serving of this on Monday last week, knowing I had a busy week ahead and would have difficulty making some meals. I was really pleased with it – it was tasty, healthy, and went well alone as well as with other things as a side dish.

In a large skillet coated with a little olive oil, I cooked chopped onion and minced garlic, then added 1 aubergine which was cut into 1-inch pieces. When the aubergine was cooked through and was starting to brown, I added 1 can of drained chickpeas, 200g chopped green beans and 200g of washed baby spinach, torn into pieces. I continued to cook until the spinach was wilted and the chickpeas and green beans were warmed through (with the beans still a bit crisp). I then removed it from the heat and kept it covered for a few minutes. Just before serving, I stirred the vegetable mix into a pot of cooked brown rice, and then crumbled a load of feta cheese over the top, giving it a final good stir through.

Night one: served this with pan fried salmon
Night two: had it plain
Night three: I added Quorn chicken-style pieces
Night four: hubs had it on the side of breaded and baked fish

It wasn’t the most imaginative week food-wise, but sometimes one good dish can make the rest of the week a lot easier, without sacrificing flavour or resorting to ready-made meals or take-away.

Note: omit the feta cheese to make it vegan. You’ll likely need to season it a bit more with salt and pepper, or cook the brown rice in vegetable stock.

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