While shopping in Holland and Barrett recently, I spotted a range of ‘pasta’ and ‘rice’ called Slim Pasta and Slim Rice from a company called Eat Water. The products are zero calorie, zero carb, vegan, 100% natural and gluten free. I was intrigued!

I’ve been eating a reduced carb diet for a long time, but have a terrible weakness for pasta and rice. Could this be the answer to my prayers?

I decided to do this test on a night when I was eating alone. I settled on the Slim Pasta Fettucini, and decided to make a japanese style dinner of baked tofu, steamed bok choi and edamame with the noodles in a hoisin sauce.

The ‘pasta’ is pre-cooked, so very fast to prepare. A simple rinse under the tap, then cook in a dry pan (non-stick!) for a few minutes to soften, and then add your favourite sauce. In another minute or two, they are ready to eat.


The verdict

eatwater3The first thing which becomes apparent immediately is that the ‘pasta’ does not have the same consistency as normal pasta because it’s made of different ingredients. The noodles are a little firmer and chewier than regular pasta. They hold their shape perfectly because they don’t get overly soft. I would liken them to a slightly undercooked rice noodle. The noodles absorb the sauce quite well, which is a good thing because on their own they have no flavour at all.

They are surprisingly satisfying. I ate the whole 200g package on my own and couldn’t really imagine it being more than one serving (the package states 1-2 servings). I was full for the remainder of the night.

I would definitely try these again. I will also try the rice range. I intend to do a little more research into what Moyu (Konjac) is exactly (it’s a vegetable fibre which has been consumed in Asia for many centuries, according to the website). If you’re looking to lose weight, or to keep a low carb, low sugar, gluten free diet, then this may be just what you’re looking for!


More information (from the website)

What is it?
Slim Pasta®, Slim Noodles® and Slim Rice® is the first food of its kind that is Carb free, Fat free and Calorie Free.
What are they made of?
They are made of 100% natural ingredients: water and a vegetable fibre called Moyu (Konjac), which has been consumed in Asia for many centuries for its health benefits. This particular fibre has the highest affinity to water and keeps the water in the shape of pasta.
How do I lose weight?
Regular pasta contains an average 70g of carbohydrates and the Slim foods range contains 0g of carbohydrates per 100g serving. When eating a meal containing any of the Slim food ranges, the vegetable fibre will gently expand a little in your stomach to give you the sensation of feeling full, which can last for up to 4 hours. Lets take an example of an average bowl of spaghetti Bolognese: 200g of spaghetti (314 cal) and ½ cup of Bolognese sauce (88 cal). Now just replace your regular spaghetti with Slim Pasta® spaghetti (0 cal).
Will it make me full?
Yes, the Slim foods range can keep you feeling full, for as long as regular pasta, noodles and rice can.
Is it artificial or synthetic?
No, the vegetable fibre in the Slim foods range has been consumed in Asia for many centuries. The Slim food range is 100% natural.
What do they taste like?
Slim Pasta®, Slim Noodles® and Slim Rice® doesn’t have the same texture as regular pasta, noodles and rice, since it is not made from the same ingredient that contains the high amounts of calories, carbohydrates and sugar. The Slim foods range is tasteless but the ingredient is incredibly absorbing and when mixed with your favourite sauce/ingredients, it will absorb the flavours too.

For more information, visit their website. Have you tried these products? Tell me what you think of them in the comments below.

Add on 21/05/2013

I tried the rice version. It’s pretty identical in texture to the pasta version, but I didn’t like the consistency as much. It was somehow less appealing in tiny little bits, and I had to chase them around the plate because they were slippery (unlike a sticky, starchy rice). I will be trying the other pasta shapes soon.

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