Carrot-Ginger Brown Rice

Carrot-Ginger Brown Rice

One word for this dish: WOW! I absolutely loved it. It was sweet and a little bit tangy, and tasted just amazing. I’m so glad I doubled the recipe so that I have plenty leftover. If you pre-cook the rice (I made mine the day before), it’s incredibly fast to make. I had this whole dinner on the table in 20 minutes.

I served it with pan-fried haddock, drizzled with a bit of the rice sauce, steamed kale and steamed sweet corn (which isn’t really in season, so wasn’t very good). And fyi, I left off the coconut because I’m not a fan. I do plan to make this again, and will likely try some of the variations in the notes section of the recipe.

I found this recipe on pinterest. It originated here.


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