Haddock with Mushroom Barley and Kale

Haddock with Mushroom Barley and Kale

I love barley, and don’t make it nearly enough because it takes a while (an hour at least) to make.

Last night I made this wonderful dinner. I started by cooking 2 cups of barley in 5 cups of water with one vegetable stock pot from Knorr.

I simmered that (lid on) for an hour, then removed it from heat.

Meanwhile, I sliced 300 grams of closed cup mushrooms and sauteed in garlic until all the water evaporated. Then I stirred them into the barley and re-covered the pot.

In a large frypan I cooked the kale in olive oil, garlic and salt, then set aside. I put a bit more olive oil in the fry pan and cooked the haddock.

Simple, delicious, healthy.

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