Anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows I do my best to seek out independent restaurants, especially when traveling to new places. I’m so happy to note that I ate out every meal in Cambridge over two days, including morning and afternoon tea, but excluding breakfast, which I had at my hotel, and every place I went to was an independent. It’s so worth seeking out the indies, as you’re likely to get something interesting, with character, and have a much more memorable meal than if you ate at a restaurant which has locations in every town in Britain. Boring!

Margherita Pizza at Don Pasquale

Dinner last night was at Don Pasquale, and independent Italian restaurant right in Market Square, in the centre of Cambridge. It was a lovely warm (yes, warm!) night, so we ate outside. There were heaters available, but they weren’t needed. The waiter was extremely nice and happy to accommodate any request with a ‘no problem’ or ‘of course!’. We ordered a couple pizzas (Napoletana for hubs, and Margherita with added mushrooms for me). We also had a glass each of the Chianti, which was offered by the glass. Everything was divine. The wine was full bodied, throat coating, and ‘meaty’. The pizza was cooked to perfection and had lots of delicious oregano in the sauce. I could have done without the extra drizzle of olive oil over the top, but that’s my personal preference. Otherwise it was perfect. We were too full for desserts, but when we went inside to pay, the cakes in the refrigerated glass cakes looked very inviting!

I would definitely recommend this Italian restaurant. Delicious.

Don Pasquale‎
12A Market Hill
Cambridge CB2 3NJ
01223 367063‎