Creamy Mixed Mushroom and Spinach Pasta

Creamy Mixed Mushroom and Spinach Pasta

This pasta is dreamy! It’s silky and creamy, yet without all the usual guilt associated with a cream sauce. It’s also incredibly easy, and is a mushroom lover’s delight (which I am!).

500g pasta (I used these hearty pasta ribbons I bought at The Peoples’ Supermarket on Cowley Road)
1 tub light Philadelphia Cream Cheese
250g Closed Cup Chestnut Mushrooms, wiped clean and sliced
300g Mini Portabella Mushrooms, wiped clean and sliced
250g plain white mushrooms, wiped clean and sliced
120g Shiitake Mushrooms, wiped clean and sliced
(or any combination of mixed mushrooms you can find!)
rosemary (dried or fresh)
200g young leaf spinach, washed
2 cloves garlic, minced
salt and pepper to taste
parmesan (optional) for serving

Cook the pasta according to directions.

Either roast or pan fry the mushrooms in a tiny bit of olive oil. Sprinkle them liberally with rosemary and with salt.

In a large skillet, cook the garlic in a little olive oil. If roasting the mushrooms, remove them from the oven after about 15 minutes, drain any liquid, and add them to the skillet with the cooked garlic. If pan-frying the mushrooms, remove the garlic from the skillet and set it aside while cooking the mushrooms. Cook, stirring frequently, until the liquid is mostly evaporated from the mushrooms. Add the spinach and continue stirring until wilted.

Add the entire tub of cream cheese to the mushrooms and spinach, and add the garlic back in. Taste it, and season with salt and pepper to taste. Continue to stir for a minute or so, until the cream cheese thins and gets hot.

Combine the mushroom sauce with the pasta and serve with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese (optional).


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