Baked Eggs

Baked Eggs

I’m a terrible creature of habit with food. I have a couple of set meals – or traditions – each week, which help cut down on the pressure of being creative in the kitchen every night (who has the time?!). The family has always enjoyed these traditions as well, and we all look forward to pizza Sunday and burger Friday. On weekend mornings, my husband and I take turns making breakfast – he does fried eggs on Saturdays and I do poached eggs on Sundays. I’ve been making poached eggs on Sundays for years, and it’s very rare for me to deviate from this if I’m not travelling or having guests over (and even then…). I have poached eggs down to a science, and I really love the way the taste, so why mess with success?

However, this morning I changed the menu. The (usual) bread was mouldy, which meant I had to use the only other bread in the house – frozen ciabatta. Once I made that little change, I figured what the heck… let’s go a little crazy.

I’ve been wanting to try baked eggs for a while, and as long as I had to use the oven to bake the bread, it was a perfect opportunity. I sprayed four ramekins with cooking spray and cracked an egg into each. I topped with a little salt and pepper, and then placed the ramekins into a baking dish. I filled the baking dish about halfway up with water and placed into the oven. A recent recipe I read said they’d take about 16 minutes or so – give or take a minute. I’m sure that depends on the size of the eggs and the temperature of the oven. I checked mine at 16 minutes and the whites were no longer transparent, but they were still too runny. I increased the heat a little because I had already taken the bread out of the oven and it was getting cold on the plate. I left the eggs another 2 minutes or so, and that was just a tiny bit too long. The eggs will continue to cook after they’re removed from the oven, and by the time I sat down at the table, the yolks were almost entirely cooked through, and I prefer them runny.

I really liked the look of the eggs and the taste and texture of them. I’ll probably make these again, but I’ll be much more careful on the timing, and watch them like a hawk at the very end. The good thing about them is for 16 minutes at least, I was free to set the table and make the rest of the breakfast, which meant everything was done rather quickly. I served the eggs with some sauteed spinach and some apple and cinnamon oatmeal. It was delicious!

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