Wine Expert Oz Clarke

Wine Expert Oz Clarke

Oz Clarke was at the Foodies Festival in Oxford last weekend and when it comes to knowing great wine Oz Clarke is about as close to Dionysus as we Brits can get.

There are so many different things to take into consideration when buying and tasting wine that goes far beyond pretty packaging or a familiar name. It’s everything from a simple recommendation to knowledge of a good grape, the cost and especially the region – where your wine is from.

In this video Oz describes why its important to know where your wine comes from and gives advice on some great food and wine pairings as well as some top wine suggestions for summer.

He was working with Discover the Origin, a European Union campaign designed to raise awareness around five Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) products:

  • Burgundy Wines
  • Parma Ham
  • Douro Wines
  • Parmigiano-­‐Reggiano Cheese
  • Port

Discover the Origin Campaign spokesperson says: “The Oxford Foodies Festival offers a wonderful opportunity to interact with consumers who are keen to discover our products and learn more about the notion of provenance. This year we are excited to have one of the UK’s biggest name in food and wine to talk about the Discover the Origin products, provide tips on best ways to fully enjoy them and highlight what makes them so special.”

Trained professionals were on hand to demonstrate the finesse required to skilfully slice Parma Ham as well as the authentic way to cut Parmigiano-­‐Reggiano Cheese.

Visit the new Discover the Origin website and sign-­‐up to the monthly webzine at

Discover the Origin is also on Facebook and Twitter. For latest news, consumer events, trade shows and Masterclasses search ‘Discover the Origin’ on Facebook or follow on Twitter @discoverorigin.

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