WOW this post from The Law Student’s Wife was a total revelation! I absolutely love tofu, and I usually have to cook the heck out of it (after draining for ages) in order to get it to be the right colour of brown and the right consistency. Who knew that freezing and then boiling the tofu would give it this incredible consistency. It’s really easy to make, and definitely makes a huge difference. I don’t think I’ll ever cook tofu straight from the package again. Here’s the post about the technique. I highly recommend it.

For this dinner I simply prepared the tofu according to the method linked above. I stir fried some mixed vegetables in a pan, and then added some pre-made hoisin sauce. I served this with Zero Noodles (Shirataki noodles), as I was looking to cut the carbs a bit. It was pretty delicious, I have to say.

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