My name is Alissa J. Robinson. I’m a freelance print and web designer in the UK, though i’m originally from New York. You can see some of my work on my freelance website: I lived in Oxford for 10 years, but have since moved to the beautiful Cotswolds, where i’m enjoying the multitude of independent pubs, restaurants, food shops, farm shops, and festivals.

Oxford Jazz Festival
I founded the Oxford Jazz Festival along with two friends of mine. The Festival began in 2009 and is going from strength to strength, despite the lousy economy. The Festival always takes place over the Easter weekend. More information can be found on

What else?
I am currently the chairman of the board of OCM – Oxford Contemporary Music ( and a director of Opera Anywhere ( I love music and am very happy and lucky to live in an area with such an incredible music scene.

Isn’t this a food website? What about that?
I’ve been a pescetarian since 1999. I stopped eating red meat earlier than that (around 1991) because I developed ulcerative colitis and had trouble digesting it. I ate poultry fairly regularly until I read Philosopher Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation, and simultaneously became more aware of what happened to animals between the farm and the plate (and on the farm as well). It then became clear to me that I wasn’t willing to eat anything I wasn’t willing to kill myself. I’m willing to fish, but i’m not willing to kill a cow, or a chicken. I’m not entirely sure why fishing is okay with me – why I feel differently about fish than I do other animals. I just do. For now. I don’t mind other people eating meat if that’s their choice, and I don’t ever admonish someone’s choices unless there is cruelty or suffering involved. Everyone is entitled to choose for themselves. I just hope they make educated decisions.